Roofing Memphis – Ultimate Solution to Roof Flashing Damages

The engineers and technicians at the Roofing Memphis have developed some of the best solutions to the roof flashing problems. The chimney is the common area which has the flashing. Vertical and headwall flashing can also be located near the vent pipes, furnace pipes, electrical cabling pipes and the vents. They can develop cracks, blisters and structural damages due to heat, water and weather elements. The first task of the inspector is to examine the type of flashing. Then he suggests the appropriate type of repair procedure, surface area to be covered and the materials to be used for the repair. He hands over the checklist to the contractor who uses it to prepare the checklist and the quote. Once the customer approves the quote, the contractor supplies the materials and the workers start the repairing process.

Roofing Memphis Roofing Memphis – Common Flashing Problems

  • Head Wall Flashing: – The flashing near the headwall and the roof intersection can have broken sealants, damaged shingles, leaking chimney walls and brittle wall. Chimney walls damages are normally due to trapped heat from the fireplace. It can make the wall brittle and it results in cracks. When the heat is transferred to the roofing shingles, they too can develop cracks. The task of the workers is to repair the chimney wall damages by reinforcing with concrete or sealant. The sealant is highly heat resistant in nature and it can fill the cracks in the walls completely. If the bricks are too brittle and broken, the workers replace them. The next stage is replacement of shingles in the roofing. Once these two procedures are complete they can apply finishing touches to the chimney wall.
  • Sidewall Flashing: – These are usually made of metal like steel. They are attached to the mortar joints in steps. The most common type of damage here is the rusting. Since the rust starts developing internally, it could be difficult to detect in the initial stages. It is only when the external part of flashing starts cracking that the damages are observed. In such cases the replacement of flashing could be one option suggested by the engineers from Roofing Memphis. This is to prevent further damages to the vertical sidewall which can propagate at a faster rate.
  • Counter Flashing: – This is a type of flashing used for protecting the top edges of the other types of flashing. Water damages can happen which result in rusting and cracks. The engineers from Roofing Memphis mostly suggest replacement as the best solution, since repairing might not lead to long life.

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  • Sloped Flashing: – They are usually found at the meeting point of sloped shingle and the sloped membrane. Since they are metallic type, the most commonly occurring problems are rusting, blisters and thermal expansion (happens during summer). Replacement is the most common type of repair procedure.

Roofing Memphis – technical Expertise

The repair and replacement of flashing takes high level of expertise since they are sensitive parts of the roofing. The engineers and technicians from Roofing Memphis have the experience in handling vast array of problems related to flashing,