Survey of accidents and flat tire in Toronto due to Snow

Ontario Provincial Police said heavy snowfall has caused more than 200 car collisions and flat tire near Toronto Area.About seven centimeters of snow fell on the region Tuesday morning.Schmidt said most of the incidents were single-vehicle crashes, many involving transport trucks.

No one was seriously injured, but Schmidt said many drivers are not adjusting the way they drive in response to the snow, ice and limited visibility.

The snowfall has stopped, but temperatures are expected to drop below freezing this evening, which could lead to icy conditions. Schmidt urged drivers to be careful on the road.

(CTV Toronto, Published Tuesday, February 16, 2016 5:36PM EST)

Deadly day on Ontario roads as heaviest snow since 2008 causes hundreds of crashes before storm heads for Maritimes

Ontario Provincial Police are now advising drivers to ‘stay off the roads completely’ in the Toronto area Friday

A giant snowstorm barreling across southern Ontario left tragedy in its wake on Friday as at least three people died in the middle ofunderhanded road and sidewalk conditions.

The massive weather system also grounded flights, totaled cars and shut down schools, foreshadowing a wild weekend for Atlantic Provinces that are next in the storm’s path.

The storm churned its way eastward throughout the day, painting Ontario white from Windsor through to Ottawa.

Environment Canada said most regions found themselves fewer than 15 to 25 centimeters of snow by day’s end.

“The amounts do vary, but no one’s been left out of the snow on this one,” senior climatologist David Phillips said in a telephone interview. “I think it has followed through just as we thought.”

The storm didn’t take long to claim its first victim. Ian Wright of Hamilton Paramedic Services said an 80-year-old woman in that city collapsed while shoveling her driveway early in the morning. She was pronounced dead on the scene, he said.

The burst of snow caused numerous accidents on the province’s roads, which accounted for at least two other deaths.

Durham regional police said a 49-year-old Oshawa, Ont.; man was killed as a result of a multi-vehicle collision in Pickering, east of Toronto, on Friday morning.

Further east, Provincial police reported a 57-year-old Ottawa man died when his car crashed in blizzard conditions along Highway 401 near Prescott, Ont.

Also on Highway 401, a bus driver and some passengers suffered injuries the vehicle lost control and rolled near Brockville in eastern Ontario.

Ontario Provincial Police Sgt. Kristine Rae said the driver of the bus received serious injuries, while she described the injuries to the passengers as minor.

Rae couldn’t say if the weather caused the crash but said it was snowing at the time that the bus carrying 38 passengers went off the road.

Provincial police Sgt. Dave Woodford said treacherous driving conditions shut down stretches of highway from Chatham to Brockville throughout the day.

Much of the traffic-related trouble was in Toronto, he said, where more than 350 collisions had been reported since midnight.

Police report they’ve been called to over 500 calls to accidents in the Toronto area and CAA says it received more than 2,800 service calls.

The spike in accidents came as little surprise to Woodford, since Torontonians have grown familiar to nearly bare streets during four consecutive winters without significant snowfall.

Despite contending with the largest storm since December 2008, however, most appeared to be taking the weather in stride.