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Importance of Radon Mitigation in Milwaukee

Radon is a highly inert radioactive gas that is present in our atmosphere and surroundings in a very small concentration. It is highly discrete and therefore it is very difficult to detect its presence and the exact concentration in the environment without performing the radon detection tests.Since the significant source of radon in Milwaukee is through water bodies, therefore, most of the radon Mitigation Milwaukee involves the decrease of radon levels in the bodies.


  • Sources of Radon:

Radon is a naturally occurring element and therefore it cannot be produced commercially or by any artificial means. The most significant source of radon is the radioactive decomposition of other strongly radioactive elements like Uranium and Thorium. However the disintegration of radon itself is also one of the sources of radon as when radon decomposes it produces two parts. The first part is termed as the radon daughter element and the second part is radiation. Some experts list the mishandling and the improper disposal of radioactive waste as one of the artificial sources of radon.

  • Existence Sites for Radon:

Radon exists in the atmosphere and the water bodies. When the radioactive elements deep down underneath the surface of the earth undergo decay and radon are produced as a result. This radon tends to penetrate even further and dissolves in the water below the surface of the earth. When this water is drawn to be used this radon reaches the surfaces of the earth.

  • Radon Poisoning in Milwaukee:

As discussed earlier the radon is dissolved in the water bodies, therefore, it is a natural risk for cities situated near water bodies such as oceans and lakes to fall a prey to radon poisoning. Since Milwaukee is a state of Wisconsin In the United States of America which is situated at the junction of not one but three lakes, therefore, the chances of radon poisoning in Milwaukee are very high.

  • Radon Mitigation in Milwaukee:

As mentioned earlier Milwaukee is at a huge risk of radon poisoning, therefore, radon mitigation Milwaukee is very important. The most prominent issue with radon mitigation in water is that unlike air mitigation the whole batch of water cannot be cleaned at once. For the mitigation of water, the equipment needs to be set up and installed permanently so that it cleans the water simultaneously prior to use.

  • The process of Mitigation:

There are two most commonly used methods that are adapted for radon mitigation Milwaukee. The first method is called Filtration. It involves the removal of the insoluble radon particles from the water via filtration.

First method is chemicals are added to the water to make the soluble particles insoluble so that they can be filtered.

The second method is called Aeration. In this technique air at a very high pressure is mixed in the water that needs to be cleaned as a result of which the heavier radon particles settle down and are collected to remove them from the water. After which the pressure of the water is neutralized and brought back to normal.

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